Do you have a covered porch or patio that you enjoy sitting under? Do you wish you could sit on it all through the year , but the heat and mosquitoes in the summer make you miserable? Can you see yourself sitting in your gazebo, sipping lemonade during the summer? Install one of the many varieties of outdoor ceiling fans and you can sit on your porch just about all year long.

Outdoor ceiling fans can be installed in any space outside that has a ceiling. This includes a covered porch, deck, patio, or gazebo. This is great for those who live in the warmer climates as you can enjoy being outside during the summer as well as the spring and fall.

What are the requirements for installing outdoor ceiling fans? The first requirement is that you need a ceiling. Secondly you need to purchase a Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) listed fan for outdoor use. UL uses two listings for outdoor ceiling fans usage.

The first listing is for “damp location” and is appopriate for most outdoor spaces. The second listing is for “wet location” and is used for more extreme outdoor weather. Outdoor ceiling fans are specially made for safety with weatherproof components. They also usually have weather resistant blades. You probably want to install your outdoor ceiling fans securely into the ceiling joists if possible so it will not wobble or move as the wind will be blowing on it.

Outdoor ceiling fans come in many varieties, much like their indoor counterparts. The weatherproof motor housing comes in many different finishes such as brushed steel, white, brass, bronze, copper and others. The fan blades are available in many shapes as well as finishes like a metal finish, faux wood, bamboo and many painted finishes. They are treated to be weather resistant for outdoor use and can be found to match any decor.

Special features that you might want for your outdoor ceiling fans is a remote control to operate it. That way you will not have to get up to change the speed of your fan when you are enjoying your time on the porch. You also want the steepest blade pitch that is available so that it moves more air. Outdoor ceiling fans can give you airflow on an ordinarily hot and stuffy day.

Another benefit of outdoor ceiling fans besides keeping you cool is the insect repellant issue. Insects, including the annoying mosquito, cannot fly in a downdraft so they stay away from the air flow created by outdoor ceiling fans. Airflow will also help to decrease the mold and mildew that sometimes show up on your lawn furniture and toys. Outdoor ceiling fans have many great uses so why don’t you purchase one today?