It started out of necessity. Really was a run as fast as I can, and try to build something sustainable.

This is our first year that we were actually eligible for the Inc 5000 list. Seeing that number on that piece of paper and its just like holy crap! We were surprised that we’re even going to make the list, but when we made the list we didn’t realize that we’re going to be in the top 1000 businesses in the country. We are still young company but WOW look what we’ve done in 4 years. We’re the fastest-growing construction company in the state and one of the fastest growing companies in the country! It’s just amazing. Really starts with our clients. It starts with the people that were willing to take a risk on the small construction company, driving a beat-up Toyota Avalon to jobsite meetings. It’s one of the most expensive moments of their business is renovating, expanding, their investing their savings and sometimes they’re investing everything and it’s an all-or-nothing situation where they have to succeed so in turn we have to succeed and so that trust is so important.

Compton Construction has been around since 2012. The last two years in particular we tripled our team sizes and brought on a lot of more experienced employees and grown up a company that is almost five hundred percent growth in three years. There are just a lot of good people in Columbus. We’re building something that’s making Columbus one of the most innovative and amazing places in America. It’s because it’s accessible and it’s authentic and we’re friendly and we are good people working for good causes and we’re getting involved in our communities and staying involved.

We cannot have grown this company without people’s trust, and i just want to say thank you to all of the clients, all of the individuals, and their employees that are connected to the growth of this business. I want to thank you to all my employees, past and present, my ex-business partners. I want to thank the City of Columbus for allowing us the opportunity to build this small business and continue to grow within the city limits and support us as best as they can do I want to thank everyone who’s been connected to the growth this business even if it was just for a week. Thank you for the honor of growing Columbus and being one of the top businesses in the state.