All right, this is Nate Storey with Bright Agrotech, and today we’re going to talk about a really simple and inexpensive way to cool your greenhouse. It is the summertime and things are getting hot, all of that excess sun from early in the morning to late at night, the ground is heating up, the plants aren’t using all of it, and a lot of it is trying to heat inside our greenhouses. So, if you are in a dry or arid climate where you don’t have an awful lot of humidity, cooling walls are absolutely the best way to cool your greenhouse off.

Now, for those of you who are going to say, «Oh, well cooling walls are really expensive and I don’t know if I can afford one.» Today we’re down at Bayberry Fresh and we’re going to walk you through this homemade cooling wall. All right, so this is a really simple device, it is essentially this big cardboard pad. This cardboard has channels running this way, channels running this way. At the top, we basically have a PVC pipe up here, I’ll let you guys get a shot of that a little later, but there’s holes in that PVC pipe and what it’s doing is, it’s pumping water up from our sump over here, pumping up through this PVC pipe and it just trickles out to the top of this pad. As the water moves through this pad, and yo can see how wet that is, it is just dribbling down through there.

The fans at the other end of the greenhouse are pulling air through there, so all of that air as it is pulled through this wet pad, it’s cooling our air. We’ve got really dry air coming in, it comes out on this side, with a little more humidity, and it is way cooler. These are by far the easiest and the most best cost effective way to cool these things. You can buy these pads on laces like, Greenhouse Megastore, they will just sell you these raw pads, so you can rig these up. You can see he’s just got them rigged up with 2×4’s, he’s got a 6-inch PVC pipe down here cut in half, to capture that water. It all just kind of runs back down towards this end and drops into our 55-gallon barrel. So instead of going out and spending thousands on a pre-made, pre-fabricated cooling wall, you can make your own really easily, really inexpensively, and you can get a lot of work out of it. This wall here is cooling the entire greenhouse, and right now there is only one fan running.

So one fan is running, it’s pulling air through this pad, and cooling the entire greenhouse. Pretty simple. Pretty easy. Plumbing wise, again, we’ve got this 6-inch pipe capturing this water. Down here you’re going to see we’ve got this pump, sitting in this 65-gallon barrel and it is pumping that sump water up, through the pad. Now the only caveat with these walls is that they do tend to use a lot of water. Hayden was telling me he goes through like 30-40 gallons a day on this cooling wall to keep this place cool when the weather is really hot. That’s something to keep in mind. If you don’t have a lot of water, maybe think about it. But this is going to be the cheapest possible way to cool your greenhouse off in the heat of summer. I hope this article was useful to you, if you have more questions or you want to learn more check out our blog.