Green Construction Commercial

Hello, nature’s survival is becoming more important to a great amount people. Everyone else, either doesn’t know or care, or they care more about the economy. If we stop all the sources threatening nature. Economy will go way down that means no more transportation, mechanical production, and construction however. But, what if I told you that there is a way that we might not be able to completely stop it.

But we might at least be able to slow it down while maintaining the economy. The world can be benefited by using better materials and more renewable methods. We can achieve this from inventors engineers or even anyone who has a solution. Just tell someone who can put it to use and teach others those techniques Let us start with the materials that we use. I will only be showing you three. (I highly suggest researching some others). We are going to be starting with wood; wood is a natural material that is renewable and biodegradable. It can be reused after being used in previous construction.

Next we have stone, stone is also a natural material used in: walls, floors, and kitchen surfaces. The stone is obtained from quarries, and quarries image a large area in the land. Quarries not in use may be turn into water habitats if there is a flood or a lot of rain. Next we have concrete, concrete is a non natural material. Which is hard and strong which is usually used for the foundation. Next I will be talking about the carbon emissions caused by these. From wood, carbon emissions are caused from the trees being cut down and the transportation of the wood. Next we have stone which is caused by the quarries and the transportation.

And now, we have concrete. Which is caused by the cement and the production of materials as well as the transportation. There are other ways you are able to save the earth in the construction world. We can reuse the materials in condemned and no longer functioning structures. You are also able to help by incorporating devices and other objects that help the environment into structures such as your house or offices before you work whether that is putting in solar panels, a wind turbine, or even just planting plants.

And, anyone is able to recycle. Renewable materials reuse objects and reduce waste.