100.000m² Industrial Buildings in Congo-Brazzaville — Frisomat Construction Company

Even here, for the assembly work, as it is standard practice… we manage to use the «meccano system» for all the construction processes. The team already knows how to do it, and that’s quite good because we manage to work at a fairly constant pace. We are now constructing the warehouses in Brazzaville… with full technical assistance and consultancy support from Frisomat, and we are very happy with the construction and installation process, especially in the case of the warehouses in Mandiélé, in the Republic of Congo, which are being constructed in a very simplified form. We are very satisfied with this. Frisomat was sensitive to the needs of our people and had a good understanding of the project. Their response to our needs, in terms of the design, specifications and customization of the warehouses, was very prompt, so the negotiations were easy.

I would say that the quality of the product lies mainly in the ease of installation. This is one of the points I would like to highlight. We visited Frisomat’s industries in Belgium, and were very impressed with the fantastic installations and logistics, there in Antwerp, with canals providing a direct link to the port all of that cemented the partnership and made it an even more attractive proposition. I believe that good partnerships, which produce good results, should be maintained and strengthened. We have many projects, mainly in Africa, which require the construction of ancillary warehouses and buildings for installations. We can assure you that Frisomat will be our preferred supplier… for new acquisitions and partnerships. You’ve already worked with the Frisomat products.

How many buildings have you put up so far? We’ve started… we’ve got four that are already finished. The others are on their way… we’ve got three that are on their way… and the assembly of the next four is planned. Between the Portuguese subcontractor’s structure there and this one here, we manage to have bigger surfaces, faster. On behalf of Asperbras, I would like to express my gratitude to Frisomat which is supplying us with metal structures and warehouses. These products are very well accepted in the African market, thanks to their reliability and on-time delivery.

So we’d just like to say thanks and look forward to continuing this partnership.